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Two Days Well-Spent with CLIEDIS

News / May.02.2017

CLIEDIS delivered yet another educational and enlightening two-day event. From distributors to carriers, to vendors, and everyone in-between, the two days hosted by CLIEDIS offered something for everyone.

CLIEDIS took a different approach this year; instead of hosting an implementation boot camp, as they have in the past, they shifted focus to distributors to host a “Feed Adoption Working Group,” or “FAWG,” for brevity. FAWG allowed distributors, such as myself, a chance to gain perspective from like-minded individuals and share common obstacles and achievements with data feeds.

Day two welcomed the annual seminar, hosted once again in the beautiful One King West Hotel. The seminar always brings together the best people in the industry to illustrate the inner workings of what brings CLIEDIS and insurance standards to life.

All in all, CLIEDIS offered up another educational and fun event, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

As mentioned, the spotlight was given to distributors this year as we took part in an interactive discussion about our experience with feeds. After hearing from multiple distributors and their respective vendors, we quickly learned that many of us share the same struggles. It was refreshing to learn that many of us are in the same boat, ironing out the same kinks.

We started by listening to several presentations from distributors, coming from different vendor backgrounds, and their involvement with feeds. Later in the day, groups formed between distributors and their corresponding vendors, and we took part in intimate and interactive working groups to dive deep into a feed related questionnaire. Distributors, sharing the same vendor, were able to share stories and solutions to pesky problems. This gave all the distributors a chance to get some much needed one-on-one time with their vendors, to work out any vendor related issues. The vendors were able to shed some light on the behind-the-scenes processes that occur with the feeds and clarify any misunderstandings with their distributors. Needless to say, it proved to be a very effective and informative activity.

By the end of the day, we had a clear outlook on what steps to take next, and a mutual understanding of our problems. With the help of Tana, the CLIEDIS Implementation Specialist, we were able to compile common problems, and learn our areas of focus. We knew which carriers we need to get on board, and what missing data we need to work on getting integrated into the feeds. Distributors, particularly those new to data feeds, were able to gain perspective on how beneficial these feeds can be and were provided with the right tools and insight to educate their offices upon their return.

It’s safe to say by the time we walked out of the room, the “fawg” had finally settled.

Annual Seminar
The following day kicked off early for the Annual CLIEDIS Seminar. Although the clock had barely struck 9 am, the room was alive with chatter and discussion. A vendor showcase lined the perimeter of a room filled with exceptional professionals in the industry. After we all had some breakfast (and maybe one too many pastries), we took our seats and heard our first keynote speaker.

Tom Scales delivered an impressive presentation on the digital future. His presentation, “Your Digital Future, Are You Prepared?” was an eye-opening presentation on where technology-driven trends are leading us. Our second keynote speaker, Robert Harris, got the group thinking about the human approach to change in his presentation, “Change Management, the Human Side.” Participants learned the most effective ways to approach change with their peers. We learned that honesty and realistic approaches gain the most trust and willingness to proceed.  By the end, we had creative tips and tricks on change management and awareness of the fast-paced, digital future.

However, mentioning the two keynote speakers is only scratching the surface of what was covered at the seminar. Aside from these speakers, we heard from the feed adoption panel, carriers, vendors, APEXA, and CAILBA. Learning where carriers are headed with their feeds and what they are working on is always a favorite of mine. “What’s coming next?” is a question often heard in our office back home, so having the full scope of updates from carriers always proves to be valuable.

Meeting Takeaways
After the event had come to an end, I had a vast amount of new knowledge and clarity regarding the feeds. Opening up discussion and hearing from a diverse audience made it easier to gain a boarder understanding of how data feeds are being created and received.

Participants, such as myself, had not only data feed information to come back and share within our offices, but also thought-provoking information about behaviour towards change and the tools to transcend that knowledge into many different situational outlets.  For me, every presentation proved to be relevant and constructive.

Networking is another huge drawing factor for this event. Regardless of the material covered, anyone could find value in these two days through networking alone. CLIEDIS brings together key players in the industry and creates the perfect networking experience.

Overall, CLIEDIS hosted an immensely valuable two-day event.  I believe shifting the focus to distributors this year was needed and necessary. Opening up distributor discussion was a fantastic new twist on this event. Sharing our issues and creating a roadmap for our next steps helped us learn how to move forward together, rather than alone.

I would recommend this event to anyone looking to expand their horizons with data feeds and industry standards. CLIEDIS provides the right tools and resources to stay one step ahead of the game.


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