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APEXA B2B Transaction Review

News / Sep.13.2016

CLIEDIS has completed its review process of the B2B transactions to be used by APEXA for communicating producer profiles.  APEXA wanted to ensure these transactions meet a basic level of ACORD and CITS compliance. APEXA worked closely with CLIEDIS to ensure that the feeds align with ACORD rules and the basic framework of the CITS feeds.

The review process was different than a CLIEDIS approval since there is no CITS implementation guide for these transactions.  The CLIEDIS Executive Committee will separately determine the timing for the creation of a CITS guide, based on the maturity of this implementation.  Through the review process, CLIEDIS ensured the following:

  • Submitted test files were valid ACORD messages
  • CITS Common Implementation Rules, when applicable, where incorporated
  • Applicable data modeling concepts based on the CITS Advisor Screening Implementation Guide, when applicable, were followed

CLIEDIS did not validate that the contents of the message were complete or correct per the APEXA requirements.   No production files were reviewed.

If you have any questions about APEXA, please contact Dylan Friedmann, VP Client & Partner Experience at dylan.friedmann@apexa.ca.


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