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CLIEDIS API Proof Of Concept Update

News / Sep.13.2019

Over the last several months, CLIEDIS members have been actively participating in a Proof Of Concept (POC) to prove out the technical design and security requirements to implement an API.


The API that has been chosen for the POC is a Policy Values API. This API is designed to return policy values upon a successful call.


Our first round of work for the POC has been completed. We have proven the security components, external connectivity and API design principles for this type of API (request for data).Implementors were able to expose a secure API using our standard, and the APIs have been successfully accessed.  2 carriers implemented the API design and security requirements and 2 vendors accessed the APIs securely.


To consider the POC complete, we need to do ‘part 2’ which is for insurers to connect their external endpoint to their back end systems. This undertaking is much greater because it requires infrastructure to be in place that may not already be there.


CLIEDIS will work with carriers directly to ascertain their schedules to build the internal connectivity.


Separately, we will be working with the business community to ensure we have the correct, desired policy values defined for this API.


Contact CLIEDIS Support – support@cliedis.cawith any questions.


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