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CITS Pending Guide Update

News / Aug.04.2016

The CITS Pending Case Status Implementation Guide has been updated to version 2.3 to include explicit support for Disability and Long Term Care product lines. The updated guide and supporting materials can be found in the CLIEDIS Resource Centre under Technical Resource / CITS / Pending Case Status.

Prior versions of this CITS guide did not define support for disability and long term care product lines. The guide has been updated to reflect these product lines and ensure the ability to support these lines consistently across all feeds.  The modeling used for the addition of disability and long term care product lines utilizes the structures already in place for the CITS Application Notification and Base Policy for Inforce feeds.

What this means to implementations already in production?

Some carriers’ implementations today include disability and long term care products in their CITS Pending feed but model it using the structure for Life insurance products defined in the guide. Once these carriers begin working on Application Notification and Base Policy for Inforce feeds for disability and / or long term care products, they will see that the modeling structure will be different across the different feeds. Key identification information (e.g. Policy Number, Product Code) will be consistent.

After CLIEDIS polled agency management system vendors that are currently processing these feeds, it was agreed that a carrier did not need make changes to accommodate the new modeling structure. All responding AMS vendors felt they could process the feeds either way. It is anticipated that CITS Pending implementations moving forward will use the disability and long term care structures now explicitly defined for a CITS Pending feed; older implementations will remain untouched. If a carrier is undergoing major revisions to their pending feed, they should consider moving forward with this change so that consistency across feeds can be achieved, though this will not be a mandated change.


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