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CITS Guides Updated for support of Disability and Long Term Care products

News / Nov.11.2016

CITS implementation guides have been updated to provide a clear differentiation between base coverages and riders for disability and long term care products. An indicator is being added to implementation guides so that recipients of the data can process all lines of business consistently in their agency management systems.

The data feeds that are impacted include:

  • CITS Application Notification
  • CITS Book of Business
  • CITS Pending
  • CITS Product Code Description File

Updated versions of the implementation guides, corresponding sample XML and subschemas are available in the CLIEDIS Resource Center -> Technical Resources -> CITS.

Business Reason for the Change:

The ACORD structure used by CITS models life insurance differently than disability and long term care products. Recipients of the data want to be able to process all lines of business consistently. This indicator is needed so that the base coverage is distinguished from riders for all lines of business.

Impact on current implementations:

The immediate need is to add this indicator to CITS Application Notification data feeds so that disability and long term care product policies will be set up correctly in the receivers’ agency management systems. CLIEDIS has been working directly with companies with current and upcoming implementations that will be incorporating either disability or long term care products into their CITS Application Notification feeds.

CLIEDIS is asking that this indicator get added to the next scheduled release of the CITS Book of Business feed when applicable.

The CITS Pending Feed and CITS Product Code Description files have been updated for consistency but this item has limited impact on existing implementations. CLIEDIS will work with implementers of this feed to understand when this change is applicable.

Specific ACORD information:

The new elements added to the feed are:
Rider/RiderCategory/@tc where tc=”3″for base benefit and tc=”2″for rider benefit
Rider/LivesType/@tc to indicate if a single or multi-life coverage


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