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Canada Life’s Application Notification & Pending feeds have been updated

News / Jul.07.2020

Canada Life™ has received Canadian Life Insurance Standards Association (CLIEDIS) Approval for updates to their Canadian Insurance Standardizations (CITS) Application Notification and Pending feeds.


The Application Notification feed and Pending feed (v2.4) have been updated to utilize new plan codes as of Monday, June 15th.   This change aligns the plan codes in new business to what is used in their Inforce systems and now matches what is received in the current CITS original Inforce feed and their upcoming CITS Book of Business feed.  While systems will need to be retooled today to accommodate these new tables, it will position them for receiving correlating inforce data smoothly.


Companies that are on their legacy version of the CITS pending feed (v2.16) are encouraged to upgrade so the Application Notification and Pending feeds will be in alignment.  All future enhancements and fixes will be provided in the v2.4 feed.  Canada Life will look to decommission the legacy CITS pending feed in early 2021.


The CLIEDIS Product Code Inventory available in the Resource Centre has been updated to include these codes and the table provided by Canada Life (in their format), has been posted in the CLIEDIS Knowledge Base.


Meets national standards
Canada Life worked closely with CLIEDIS to ensure both feeds comply with the CITS standard. The data feeds meet new CLIEDIS guidelines.


If you are interested in receiving the Canada Life Application Notification feed, Pending feed or In force feed, please contact your Product Solutions Centre.


For more information, please contact jodi desjardine.


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