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CLIEDIS 2021 Year In Review Now Available

News / Feb.07.2022

Message From Our Team


The pandemic has brought about profound change in this industry. The struggle for eApp adoption is over. Companies that did not have eApps in place had to scramble to get them up & running. The need to provide and process electronic data is clear. At CLIEDIS we’ve seen a significant uptake in the number of feeds and distributors receiving them, particularly for application notifications. The level of scrutiny by distributors shows our members are not only receiving the feeds but are utilizing them in their day-to-day operations. Standard API work has stalled in favor of companies trying to meet immediate needs. All of our members had to retool to support a virtual workforce. Getting feeds up and running, giving companies more data in any form, and providing support took precedent.


With the progress we’ve made in the last two years around feed development and adoption, we can now shift back to more strategic work, whether that is additional types of feeds, APIs or data security. Our efforts are dependent upon our members’ readiness. We will work closely with them to meet the strategic needs of the industry in this surprising new world. This is the work of 2022.


To review the accomplishments of 2021 please enjoy our Annual Progress Update, below.


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