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CLIEDIS announces its API Roadmap

News / May.30.2024

CLIEDIS announces its API Roadmap for industry implementation, with work beginning in 2024. The roadmap defines the industry level APIs we are focused on implementing.  We have ranked and prioritized these APIs based on the industry feedback we have received. These APIs have been selected to have the maximum benefit to serve distributors, advisors and their customers. Many of the APIs are to provide time sensitive information to advisors through their distributor back-office systems so that they can better service their customers. They include access to real-time cash value and current renewal premium, knowing if a payment has been applied, and being notified if a policy is at risk of lapsing or has lapsed. Other gaps being filled in the initial priorities address the ability to retrieve statements electronically, know when commission is paid, track MGA transfers and agent of record changes.


With the full list of APIs our members can address system requirements and business process changes wholistically while individual APIs themselves are being implemented. With this list, our membership can establish their internal roadmaps and align their work accordingly.


We are addressing the priorities in two rounds. In the first round, we identified the APIs that will have the biggest impact for our members and ordered them in a way to balance the architectural complexities with the business needs. The second round identifies the APIs that will follow. Their order has not yet been determined because many variables, from business needs to architectural challenges, will affect those priorities as we move forward.


We are now moving forward with finalizing the business requirements and architectural design of the initial APIs and directing implementation efforts with early adopters.


The complete list of APIs in the current roadmap is as follows:


Round 1:

  1. 1.  Current Cash Surrender Value Inquiry
  2. 2.  Paid To Date Inquiry
  3. 3.  Renewal Premium Inquiry
  4. 4.  Transfer Out Notification
  5. 5.  Lapse at Risk Notification
  6. 6.  Lapse Notification
  7. 7.  Policy Statement Retrieval/Delivery
  8. 8.  Agent of Record Change Notification
  9. 9.  Commission Released Notification
  10. 10. Coverage Level Premium Inquiry


Round 2: (these are not yet ranked within this list)

  • Non-payment Event Notifications
  • Agent of Record Change Request
  • Backdated Cash Value Inquiry
  • eDelivery Completed Notification
  • eContract Delivery of Image
  • Premium Holiday Verification Inquiry
  • New Business Dates Inquiries
  • Adjusted Cost Basis Inquiry
  • Pricing and Rate Information Inquiries
  • Address Change Request


Details for each of these APIs are available to our members in the CLIEDIS Resource Center in the Technical Resources / APIs folder.


Please contact Tana Sabatino, Implementation Services Specialist for CLIEDIS at support@cliedis.ca if you have any questions or would like to be part of the early adopter team.


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