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CLIEDIS’ CITS API Design Principles Member Review Version Updated

News / Jun.12.2023

The CLIEDIS API Design Principles have been updated based on feedback from the Member Review webinar and other feedback / clarifications.


Changes include:


  • Described the alternate pattern for getting information real-time (POST_for_GET) that could be used for situations where a URI would otherwise contain sensitive information. Added an open item that is a consideration to use this pattern for all ‘GET’ like queries.
  • Updated appendix defining ‘Sensitive Information’ with new clarifications
  • Added additional ResultInfoCodes for generic messages
  • Fixed URI examples to be all lower cases per the rule


These principles address the technology, security requirements, data structures, and usage patterns needed for all the CITS APIs described in the Service Catalog.  


By using these standard principles, we can ensure a common repeatable approach is applied across all CITS APIs. This will make external facing APIs for distributors much easier, faster, and cheaper to implement.  


You can find this document in the CLIEDIS Resource Center in the Technical Resources / APIs folder. You must be a CLIEDIS member to access it.


If you would like more information about the CLIEDIS API Initiative or have specific questions regarding the CITS API Design Principles, please contact support@cliedis.ca for more information.


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