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CITS Scope and Data Element Cross Comparison

News / Jul.06.2016

CLIEDIS has created a comparison of the differences between the key CITS feeds, documenting both the scope and the business data available in each. With this document, users can now compare the feeds side by side. This will help users of the data know what they can expect from each feed and implementers understand what they must account for.      

The spreadsheet provides a summary and cross comparison of the different scope and specific data elements in the following data feeds:

  • CITS Application Notification
  • CITS Pending
  • CITS Base Policy for Inforce

The spreadsheet can be found on the CLIEDIS website in the Resource Center/Technical Documentation folders for any of the above CITS feeds. You must be a CLIEDIS member to access it..

Contact Tana Sabatino, Implementation Services Specialist if you have any questions.  


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