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CLIEDIS Finalizes Data Security Schedule

News / Jun.28.2016

CLIEDIS is pleased to announce that we have finalized the work to develop a single set of data security  requirements that can be applied to protect all confidential data received by industry trading partners and is not limited to CITS data feeds.   

CLIEDIS formed a working group in September 2015, made of CLIEDIS carrier members and representatives from CAILBA, to establish clear requirements that would ensure:

  • Data is Secure
  • Security is Achievable
  • Protections are Consistent
  • Restrictions are Realistic

Documents include:

  • CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule – This schedule defines a single set of data protections that can be used alone or in conjunction with an existing contract between trading partners.
  • CLIEDIS Data Security Questionnaire – This questionnaire is aligned with each section of the Data Security Schedule. They define the specific questions for evaluating the security protections in place.
  • CLEDIS Data Security Schedule FAQs – These FAQs are aligned with each section of the Data Security Schedule.  They provide additional details for understanding the protections defined in the schedule. 

The documents are available for download in the CLIEDIS Website Resource Centre -> Business Document -> Data Security.  The CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule and CLIEDIS Data Security Questionnaire are publicly available.  The CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule FAQs and a video that describes the initiative and the details of the resulting materials are available to CLIEDIS members.

The hard work begins now as we encourage companies to begin adopting this schedule in place of the proprietary, conflicting agreements that are currently in place.


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