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CLIEDIS FAWG Meeting Follow Ups

News / Apr.25.2018

Thank you to everyone for your participation in last week’s FAWG meeting. And special thanks to everyone who volunteered to present or champion an idea. So many of you stepped up and we all really appreciated it.
The materials from the session including the handouts, presentation, documents referenced during session have been posted in the Resource Center. https://www.cliedis.ca/resource-centre – folder: Feed Adoption Working Group (FAWG) / 2018-04-04 Feed Adoption Working Group Materials
Next steps from the meeting:
a) “What’s Next” Round Up:

Different participants presented 8 possible items that could logically follow BoB feeds. After a lively debate, ‘Eliminating Paper’ and ‘APIs’ were the clear top two favorites.

  1. Elimination of Paper: Please let me know if you are interested in participating in an ‘Elimination of Paper’ subgroup. I will schedule a meeting the 1st week of June to scope the effort, including identification of the specific pieces of paper that would fit into this delivery mechanism.
  2.  APIs: APIs had made the CLIEDIS Executive Committee’s Strategic Direction list as well so I will wait for more direction before moving that forward.   

b) Additional data / guide changes for BoB, App Notification, Pending feeds:
I know specific data items came up in some of the breakouts for desired pieces of information not yet accounted for. I also have a couple submissions via the issue tracking system.

  • Please send me any specific data items you or your breakout group were looking to have added to the guides/feeds. I will schedule a call, also during the 1st week of June, to review these items and determine which should be guide changes and ultimately requested from the carriers to add as enhancements.

c) Active subgroups:

At the session, the Product Inventory and Application Images Transmission subgroups gave an update and described their next steps. Their meeting minutes are available in the meeting folder.

  • Product Inventory: Next steps – research opportunities to create a single source of product codes maintained via an open-source model
  • Application Images: Next steps – review images comparison list and identify which images need to come in feed, if sent to carrier

If you want to be involved in either of these active subgroups, please let me know.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tana Sabatino
Implementation Services Specialist
415-431-6666 {415, not 416}


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