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Humania Approval for CITS Pending Feed

News / Aug.16.2016

Humania Assurance has received CLIEDIS Approval for their CITS Pending Case Status Feed specific to their electronic Insurance Without Medical Exam and Children360 products.

When an electronic application is received, Humania will first provide distributors with a notification of the electronic application via their approved CITS Application Notification feed. The CITS pending feed will follow to notify the distributor if the application has been accepted or rejected.   Note that these products have no underwriting requirements.

Humania Assurance worked closely with CLIEDIS throughout the process to ensure they comply with the CITS standards.

The schedule for the pilot and release of the eApp solution and corresponding feeds is being determined.  Humania will contact its distribution partners directly regarding these details.

For more information, contact Nicole Beaulieu at 1-800-363-1334 ext. 285 or nicole.beaulieu@humania.ca.


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