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Manulife Approved for CITS Base Policy for Inforce Data Feed

News / May.09.2016

Manulife has received CLIEDIS Approval for their CITS Base Policy for Inforce Feed.   This new policy feed provides you with basic insurance policy information and will be sent on a weekly frequency. It includes both inforce and out of force policy status information and notifications regarding orphans.

Manulife worked closely with CLIEDIS throughout the process to ensure they comply with the CITS standards.   Details on supported cases and exceptions are available to CLIEDIS members on the CLIEDIS website, Implementation Progress page.

A pilot of the base policy for inforce feed is underway with several distributors and select agency management system vendors in order to collect valuable feedback.

For more information during the pilot, contact Monique Brideau. Business Systems Consultant, Retail Markets IS.  Once the pilot has been completed, contact CDIS-Retail_Service_Desk@manulife.com


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