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New versions of CITS Guides Published

News / Nov.03.2017

As a result of feedback from our distributor members, the CITS guides have been updated with new data requirements and documentations updates.

New versions of the guides along with corresponding samples, subschemas, and documentation have been posted to the CLIEDIS Resource Center.

•    CITS Base Policy Foundation Guide: Version 1.7. This encompasses both Application Notification and Book of Business Feeds
•    CITS Pending Case Status Guide: Version 2.5
•    CITS Common Implementation Rules: Version 1.7

Guides are based on ACORD version 2.39, which is next version of the ACORD standard to be published January 5, 2018, but changes can be adopted now.

The details of what has changed is described below.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, contact support@cliedis.ca.

Tana Sabatino
Implementation Services Specialist
Email: tsabatino@cliedis.ca
Phone: 415-431-6666

CITS Base Policy Foundation:

This guide encompasses both Application Notification and Book of Business Feeds

Version 1.7 2017-10-30

Changes for both Application Notification and Book of Business

New elements:

  • Added LifeCanada/MaxTaxExemptPremAmt and Coverage/MinPremAmt in order to add min and max premium for UL policies at coverage level
  • Added Policy/DurationDesign and Coverage/DurationDesign  to represent policy term
  • Added Rider/EliminationPeriod, Rider/BenefitPeriod, and Participant/EmploymentClass for Disability and LTC coverages
  • Added ApplicationInfo/ReplacementInd to identify which are replacements
  • Added LifeParticipant/IrrevokableInd and Participant/IrrevokableInd for Beneficiaries
  • Added Party/RestrictionInfo/RestrictionCode to Insured, Owner and Annuitant Parties

Documentation Updates:

  • Changed “Optional” to “Required when Available” and provided use case specific details as part of applicability definition
  • Added usage description to Policy/TermDate and Coverage/ExpiryDate
  • Added new use case for Child Riders
  • Updated CITS Notes for Submission Date
  • Update AnnualPaymentAmt and AnnualPremAmt usage notes
  • Added mapping methodology for writing versus commissionable agents
  • Updated requirements for supporting cases split across multiple MGAs; where to send
  • Removed reference to sending multiple cases in a single Application Notification message
  • Added support for beneficiaries for LTC or DI policies when applicable.

Changes for Application Notification Only

New elements:

  • Added CompensationPayment/ActualObjectID and ActualObjectType to First Year Commissions
  • Add ApplicationInfo/PolicyDeliveredInd and ApplicationInfo/ActualPolicyDeliveryMethod
  • Added Employment/EmployerName to Insured, Owner and Annuitant Parties
  • Added ApplicationInfo/CWAAmt, to support cash with application information
  • Added Employment/EmployerName to Insured, Owner and Annuitant Parties

Changes for Book of Business Only

Changes for CITS Pending:

Version 2.50 – 2017-10-30

New elements:

  • Added CompensationPayment and supporting elements for sending first year commission
  • Add ApplicationInfo/PolicyDeliveredInd and Application/ActualPolicyDeliveryMethod

Documentation Updates:

  • Set up applicability column to match that of base policy foundation guide; made clearer what is required when available and specified use cases as appropriate.
  • Documented use cases for child riders, agents split across MGAs; where to send
  • Adjusted type-code references in text write up for event notifications. They had been reversed.

Changes to CITS Common Implementation Rules:

This guide reflects technical rules common across all guides.

v1.7.0 – 2017-10-30

  • Added alternate Entity Recognition for Coverage
  • Updated French Language support section to account for technical considerations
  • Add language describing numerical representation of escape characters for reserved XML characters
  • Updated versioning rules


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