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CLIEDIS Update - August 2016

News / Aug.31.2016

Data Security Documents Available to Industry – Introductory Webinar in September

CLIEDIS’s work to develop a single set of data security protections for the industry was completed earlier this year.  The hard work begins now. We are working with companies to begin adopting this standard set of protections to replace the proprietary, conflicting agreements that are currently in use. We need your help to drive adoption by demanding the use of this new schedule.

A public webinar is scheduled for September 21, 2016 to provide an introduction to the initiative and supporting documents.    Go to the CLIEDIS website, News and Events page to register.  The CLIEDIS Data Security Documents available include:

  • CLIEDIS Data Security Overview – Provides background information and describes the purpose of the documents
  • CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule – Defines a single set of data protections that can be used alone or in conjunction with an existing contract between trading partners. Includes the requirements and conditions to which the recipient of the information must adhere in order to receive electronic data
  • CLIEDIS Data Security Questionnaire – Provides specific questions for evaluating the security protections in place for each section of the CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Further explains the terms in the CLIEDIS Data Security Schedule

These documents are available on the CLIEDIS website, Resource Centre.  A video is available to CLIEDIS members to explain how the schedule and associated documents work together.

Distributor Survey Underway

It has been three years since CLIEDIS last surveyed distributors to determine which data feeds they are receiving and how satisfied they are with them.  Since that time, the number of data feeds available has increased and carriers have invested in improving the data in the existing ones.

CLIEDIS is conducting another survey to get industry feedback regarding distributors’ data feed usage today. CLIEDIS contacted distributors that are currently receiving feeds.  Types of questions being asked include whether the data is being loaded into their systems, who is using the data, any issues they are experiencing and any additional comments on the feeds.

The results will be compiled and published at an industry level later this year to help gauge where the industry is today.

New CLIEDIS Approvals – 2016 Summary

The number of implementations have definitely increased. CLIEDIS has been busy this quarter working with member companies on CITS feed approvals.  Recent CLIEDIS Approvals:

  • ivari for their CITS Base Policy for Inforce feed (August 2016)
  • Humania Assurance for their CITS Pending feed (August 2016)
  • Humania Assurance for their CITS Application Notification feed (July 2016)
  • RBC Insurance for their CITS Application Notification feed (June 2016)

In addition to these recent approvals, CLIEDIS has approved the following CITS feeds earlier in 2016:

  • Manulife for their CITS Base Policy for Inforce feed (April 2016)
  • Empire Life for enhancements to their CITS Application Notification feed (January 2016 new product types, multiple insureds and split agents and May 2016 for corporate owners)
  • SSQ for a Pending Case Status Feed (February 2016)

See the Implementation Progress section on the CLIEDIS website for details on these and all approved feeds along with CLIEDIS member carrier plans.

Tracking Implementation Progress – Reminder to Carrier Members

Companies are looking at the CLIEDIS website for information on CITS feed activity and details.   The CLIEDIS implementation progress page provides information on each CLIEDIS member carrier’s feeds that have been approved or are in the planning stages, who to contact and specific details on the variances in specific carrier feeds.

Ensure that the information for your company is up-to-date.  If the information needs to be updated, please contact us with the updated information so that we can make this tool as useful as possible.   Having complete and up-to-date information on the CLIEDIS website ensures that your business partners have the most current information without having to contact you or making incorrect assumptions about your feeds.

Understanding Data Across the CITS Feeds

To better explain what information is included in the various CITS feeds, CLIEDIS has created a comparison spreadsheet that describes the commonalities and differences between the key CITS feeds.  The spreadsheet documents both the scope and the business data available in each feed in a side by side comparison. This will help users of the data know what they can expect from each feed and implementers understand what they must account for.

The following data feeds are depicted:

  • CITS Application Notification
  • CITS Pending
  • CITS Base Policy for Inforce

The spreadsheet can be found on the CLIEDIS website in the Resource Centre -> Technical Documentation folders for any of the above CITS feeds. You must be a CLIEDIS member to access the document.

CITS Pending Case Status Implementation Guide Updates

This guide has been updated to include explicit support for Disability and Long Term Care product lines. The modeling used for the addition of disability and long term care product lines utilizes the structures already in place for the CITS Application Notification and Base Policy for Inforce feeds.

CLIEDIS worked closely with vendors and carriers to understand the impacts of the changes for existing pending feeds before making the changes.

What this means to implementations already in production?

Some carriers’ CITS pending feeds today include disability and long term care products but model it using the structure for life insurance products defined in the guide.

These feeds will remain as-is unless a carrier is undergoing major revisions for another purpose and incorporates these changes at that time.  It is anticipated that CITS Pending implementations moving forward will use the disability and long term care structures now explicitly defined for a CITS Pending feed.

CITS Base Policy for Inforce Feed to be rebranded to Book of Business Feed

Coming in September, we will be “rebranding” the CITS Base Policy for Inforce Feed to the CITS Book of Business Feed.  This feed is designed to ensure a distributor has an accurate depiction of the book of business they are responsible for and can keep it up to date.

The use of the word “inforce” is a misnomer, because the feed accounts for more than inforce policies. In fact, it includes:

  • Inforce Policies
  • Out of Force Policies
  • Orphans
  • Agent changes
  • Distributor changes

The rebrand will better reflect the feed’s content.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the official name change and new materials that explain the benefits of this and other CITS feeds and related initiatives.

CLIEDIS Executive Committee Changes

There have been some changes recently to the CLIEDIS Executive Committee.   We would like to welcome Bobbisue Edmondson, VP, Operations at HUB Financial and Al Knight, Department Leader at Edward Jones who are replacing Richard Burjoski of Holliswealth who stepped down.

Both Bobbisue and Al bring a wealth of experience in the industry and have been actively involved with CLIEDIS over the years.   Their organizations, HUB Financial and Edward Jones, have been strong advocates for standardized data exchange for the Canadian life insurance industry and the work that CLIEDIS does.

Planning CLIEDIS’s Future

The impending retirement of Julie Parrott as CLIEDIS Executive Director means that CLIEDIS is seeking an energetic, independent person to take over this key position.   The job description for CLIEDIS Executive Director is available in the Resource Centre -> CLIEDIS Association Management folder.

CLIEDIS is inviting anyone interested in this role to submit their resume.  Qualified persons wishing to be considered must submit an application, including a resume and cover letter, to CLIEDIS by September 12, 2016.

New CLIEDIS Website – Did you know?

Did you know… you can find an explanation of benefits of CITS standards on the CLIEDIS website?   Check out the Why Standards page for the benefits specific to carriers, distributors and vendors.

Did you know… there are educational videos on the CLIEDIS website?  Find out about best practices, data security and the CLIEDIS approval process in the Resource Centre -> CLIEDIS Videos folder.


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