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CLIEDIS Update - February 2017

News / Feb.28.2017

CITS Feed Adoption Working Group formed as response to Distributor Survey Results

In an effort to better understand distributor’s data feed usage, CLIEDIS surveyed distributors that are currently receiving feeds. Based on the results, CLIEDIS has formed a CITS Feed Adoption Working Group that will focus on improving the adoption of data feeds amongst distributors.

The Feed Adoption Working Group will be used to:

  • Provide information regarding the data available by carrier;
  • Discuss adoption strategies and hurdles of distributors;
  • Identify general issues distributors face when trying to utilize feeds, including project planning, initiating the feed, using the data and gaps in content;
  • Identify issues and potential solutions specific to utilizing feeds with a specific vendor system.

Findings from both the survey and the Feed Adoption Working Group will be shared at an industry level at our Annual Seminar.

On Demand Virtual Training now available

The CITS Education Series is comprised of 23 short video modules providing 5 hours of training  covering business needs, technical requirements, and project management aspects of CITS and CLIEDIS related efforts.

To access the training, go to the CLIEDIS Resource Center -> CLIEDIS Education – Video Training folder (Note, you must be a CLIEDIS member and logged in to view sessions)

CLIEDIS’ 18th Annual Seminar, “Your Digital Future, Are You Ready?” takes place on April 6th, 2017

This year we will shift focus from the carrier’s back offices to the distributors on the front lines. This seminar is a must for anyone who recognizes the need to address the digital shift, and wants to support their business partners in doing so.

For further information, or to register please visit our website www.cliedis.ca

Organization changes


  • Executive Director changed hands from Julie Parrot (retired), to Darlys Corbitt.  Darlys can be reached at dcorbitt@cliedis.ca, 647-715-2540 (main) or 519-702-7643 (cell)
  • LOGiQ3 contracted to provide administrative support.  Andrew Harris handles administration and can be reached at aharris@cliedis.ca, 647-715-2540

Executive Committee:

  • CLIEDIS welcomes new Executive Committee members: Mike Lewis (Canada Life), Heather Saxon (Manulife), and, Kim Gray (Barrington Wealth Partners) and says goodbye to  Darlys Corbitt (Canada Life), Al Bett (Manulife) and Tracey Cambridge (Global Pacific)
  • Co-chair changes from Al Bett (Manulife) to Dennis Craig (RBC Insurance)

CLIEDIS approvals (since August 2016)

  • Enhancements to RBC’s Pending Feed
  • Humania’s Application Notification feed for additional product lines (HuGO and Assem (debt) )
  • See the Implementation Progress section on the CLIEDIS website for details on these and all approved feeds along with CLIEDIS member carrier plans

Updated Cross-mapping tool now available

The CLIEDIS Cross-Mapping tool contains cross mappings of all requirement and status codes in use across feeds by participating member companies. It has been updated to account for new requirement code lists from all participating carriers.

This tool, along with a corresponding training video, is available in the CLIEDIS Resource Centre.  To access the tool, go to the CLIEDIS Resource Centre -> Technical Resources -> CITS -> Cross Mapping Tool (Note, you must be a CLIEDIS member and logged in to the website to access it)

Making the case: New materials available for supporting business case for implementing and utilizing CITS feeds

The ‘Making The Case’ storyboard and corresponding document describes the CLIEDIS initiatives and how they work together to enable the distributor to meet compliance requirements and achieve efficiencies that are impossible without CITS feeds.

These materials are available on our website in the Resource Centre -> Business Resources -> Making the Case

CITS Base Policy for Inforce Feed rebranded to Book of Business Feed

In September, the CITS Base Policy for Inforce Feed was rebranded to the CITS Book of Business Feed. This feed is designed to ensure a distributor has an accurate depiction of the book of business they are responsible for and can keep it up to date . The use of the word “inforce” is a misnomer, because the feed accounts for more than inforce policies.  This rebrand better reflects the feed’s content which includes both Inforce and Out-of-force policies, Agent of Record changes, Orphans, and Business transfers out of distributor.

APEXA B2B Transaction Review completed by CLIEDIS

APEXA B2B transaction review has been completed.  Since there is no CITS implementation guideline for these transactions, APEXA worked closely with CLIEDIS to ensure these feeds align with ACORD rules and the basic framework of the CITS feeds.


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