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RBC’s CITS Pending Feed has been Enhanced

News / Nov.22.2016

RBC Insurance has received CLIEDIS Approval for enhancements to their CITS Pending Case Status Feed.   The feed has been enhanced to account for the following:

  • Improved requirement code mappings
  • Included a unique identifier for the requirement
  • Improved requirement status mappings
  • Addition of Fulfilled Date when a requirement is complete
  • Addition of the requirements detail element when applicable
  • Addition of the requirement status reason element when applicable.

RBC Insurance worked closely with CLIEDIS throughout the process to ensure they comply with the CITS standards.   Details on supported cases and exceptions are available to CLIEDIS members on the CLIEDIS website, Implementation Progress page.

RBC Insurance is currently working with agency management system vendors on user acceptance testing in order to collect valuable feedback.

Contact Kerri Corkery, Manager, National Relationships at 905-606-1244 for more information about RBC Insurance data feeds.

CLIEDIS maintains information about the status of CITS implementation projects on the CLIEDIS website, Implementation Progress page.  Find out about approvals and member carrier project plans.  This information has been provided by our members.


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