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Recording Now Available for “Developers Processing CITS Feeds Training”

News / May.25.2021

Last week we conducted a half-day training targeting developers receiving and processing CITS feeds.  While we traditionally focused our training on either the developers creating feeds or the end users of data, this time we shifted to focus on developers & analysts of systems receiving the data.  

The recordings are now available in the CLIEDIS Resource Center in the CLIEDIS Education folder. This training emphasizes the nuances of programming for receiving multiple feeds from multiple carriers. It is divided into three parts.

  • Session 1: Information Common Across Feeds
  • Session 2: Details for Each Specific Feed (Application Notification, Pending and Book of Business)
  • Session 3: Best Practices, Tools and Resources to aid in your development

Each session builds on the last, so try not to skip any. While we may have a session called ‘Best Practices’, pertinent tips are covered all throughout the series.

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Enjoy! Contact support@cliedis.ca with any questions or follow-ups.


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