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Reminder to Carriers: Submit feed changes to CLIEDIS for REAPPROVAL

News / Nov.07.2019

Multiple carriers implemented feed enhancements, changes, and new plans as of October 31, 2019. It is great to see the feeds being maintained. They are a critical part of a distributor process.


However, CLIEDIS only knows about many of these updates because the feed changes caused issues in the receiving systems. We are now working with these carriers to identify new product codes introduced, make quick fixes or back out changes so the feeds can be processed.


CLIEDIS has a Reapproval process that we strongly encourage all carriers to utilize. We ensure that the changes are correct, and identify any items that will impact the receiving systems so that they can plan accordingly. 


By submitting for reapproval, we can not only prevent issues from happening, we can also help you determine what information your distributors need to know in advance of the release so that they can continue processing your feeds.


The changes may appear minimal on your end but if the feed can’t be processed or the data is incorrect, then the impact is major.


Please consider adding CLIEDIS Reapprovals to all project plans for anything that may impact the data feeds.


Please contact CLIEDIS Support – support@cliedis.cafor more information.


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